Donations of Stocks and Certificates



Donations of Stocks or Certificates


Donations of stocks or certificates are appreciated and can have tax advantages for the contributor. Sometimes, the increased value of the donation, capital gain, can be significant and a tax liability to the holder. By donating you may be able to reduce your tax liability while making a significant contribution at the same time. As always, we encourage each donor to contact his tax consultant for advice.


General Guidelines for Donating Stock


Donating stock held more than 12 months can be a tax advantage to you. Stock may be donated to Wings World Wide - The Air Medical Foundation as an "in-kind" donation.


Value of the Donation


Once the donation of stock is received, we will send you a receipt showing the name of the stock and the number of shares donated. We suggest you discuss the dollar value of your donation with your tax consultant. Stock can be donated by one of the following three methods:


1. Donating Shares Through a Broker

    a.  Write a letter to your broker authorizing him/her to transfer the shares to:


         • Wings World Wide - The Air Medical Foundation


         • Tell your broker to call David L. Lowe, Esq. at 650-948-2200 or via email at

            to arrange this transfer.


    b. Please send us a copy of the letter that you are sending to your broker, OR fax it to us at 253-295-7161,

        attention David Lowe, Donations-in-Kind, OR e-mail us at



2. Donating Actual Certificates to The Foundation

    a.  Do one of the following:


         • If you are sending us a certificate registered in your name, then write Wings World Wide - The Air Medical

           Foundation in the assignment section on the back of the certificate. Next, go to a federally chartered bank

           or to a brokerage and have your signature guaranteed on the back with a Medallion Signature Guarantee



        •  If you are ordering a new certificate to be issued to the Foundation, register the certificate in the name of

           Wings World Wide - The Air Medical Foundation , tax ID # 91-1790172


    b.  Write a cover letter giving us your name, address, and a contact telephone number.


    c.   Send the certificate and the cover letter by registered mail, with a return receipt requested, to the address



          Wings World Wide

          The Air Medical Foundation

          Attn: Donations

          11411 160th Ct. NE

          Redmond, WA 98052