Possibly, for some reason you are unable to participate in one of our Humanitarian Expeditions. A donation to support a mission is most helpful in allowing another person to participate, defraying transportation costs or even purchasing consumables.


     You may make a direct donation of funds or “in kind” items that will support or defray the cost of a future medical and/or dental mission. Wings invites you to participate in any manner that best suits your ability to contribute.



Support a Mission Donor Card


     Wings World Wide

     The Air Medical Foundation

     11411 160th Ct. NE

     Redmond, WA 98052


     Tax ID #91 1790 172



               Name ______________________________________________________


               Mailing Address ______________________________________________


               City ________________________ State _____________ ZIP __________


               Phone # ( ____) - ________________


               E-mail _____________@____________ (Contact E-mail address)


               In Support of (Circle One)    Disaster Relief        Medical        Dental


               Donation Amount (circle one) $15,   $20,   $35, $50


               or $ ___________  or “In Kind” donation of  ________________________ valued at $ _____ .  __________





               Checking Account Routing # _____________________


               Checking Account # ____________________________

                                  (Please attach a voided check)


               Name of Bank          ____________________________


               Bank Branch            ____________________________


               Bank Address           ____________________________


               City __________________ State ________ ZIP __________- _____


                        Copy Paste and Print the above donor card or utilize the button below to download Donor Card