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THE CHALLENGE ….Time to Change the Paradigm


USAID (IMSuRT & USAR) currently deploy on commercial charter aircraft or along with

mixture of USAF TRANSCOM aircraft. This method can lead to :



The Response Gap

Delayed deployment from days  to even  a week

or more  due to lack of aircraft availability. And/or

reconfiguration time.


The Aging Aircraft Fleet


An aging fleet means weight and flight time limitations, a total lack of availability, or at best, lengthy delays . Limited and time consuming reconfigurations result in further delays or costly re-positioning flights. Typical TRANSCOM  replacement charters result in configuration delays and/or repositioning fees.

Historically, disaster response evolutions have resulted in flight where cargo/passenger flights have deployed disjointed causing an arrival of passengers and cargo at different times and sometimes in different locations!


      Stranded Passengers.......


                         Lost Baggage

Limited Configuration Capability

Load factors are not maximized. Aircraft  do not have the capability to be reconfigured for a different type of mission at the disaster site so that they can be immediately utilized for back hauling or for the mixed carriage of passenger/cargo, cargo/litter, or passenger/liter capability.  Generally there is a deadhead leg to a location where the aircraft can under go a reconfiguration.

Landing Access Denied!

Many times aircraft are not permitted to access  an area of the emergent event due to the fact that they are aircraft  of military livery.  Historically, aircraft have been unable to land at the disaster site because there is no off-loading capability available.


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